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explore your beauty

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and tired of hassling with smudged mascara or re-touching your brows all day long?  Are you in need of just a little bit of "self-pampering"/R&R to feel rejuvenated and empowered to be your best self? 

We recognize the importance of our guests' self-care time and comfort during their visit.


Come enjoy Your relaxation time and leave feeling like a bona fide 10.

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Beauty bar


Do you  feel like there are never enough hours in the day

Meet your

master lash artist

As a mom of four and an entrepreneur in Portland, OR, I recognize that there are never enough hours in the day to do it all. Time is precious and I want to make every minute of every day count.  


"Time is precious" 

enjoy one-on-one experiences and I am always on the lookout for natural/clean products to enhance War Paint Beauty Bar. 

The feeling of true comfort and "me-time" are priceless and it is what I strive to give to each of my guests.

I love to help my guests feel beautiful, rejuvenated and empowered after every session.

Chelsey Loren

Not all my real hair

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Protecting Your Natural Lash Health

We Love this question: "Are those your real lashes?"  

We specialize in eyelash extensions that are safe for your natural lashes and customized to your desired result in mind. We take pride in helping our guests achieve and maintain their natural lash health, and we will guide you through how to keep your lashes looking their best.


Our mission is to create a unique and luxurious one-on-one experience for you, while providing you with a natural-looking, enhanced set of lashes that will keep everyone guessing.


Find the goddess warrior in you to pursue your passions and explore new possibilities with a new set of lashes!

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I wanted to get my lashes done before heading out on my honeymoon but realized I made the mistake of not scheduling anything days in advance. Not only did Chelsey fit me into her already busy schedule, she was professional, easy to talk to, and listened to me when I described the volume and length of lashes I wanted. I can 100% say that my lashes never looked better than when Chelsey did them! She's amazing-I don't plan on getting my lashes done with anyone other than her from now on!

— Tanya, Client