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Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

YES AND NO! Say what? Eyelash extensions CAN damage your lashes if they are applied improperly (like when more than 1 natural lash gets stuck in the glue) or if the extensions applied are too heavy for the natural lash to support or if there's any rubbing, tugging or pulling on the extensions after they've been applied. LASH DAMAGE IS 100% AVOIDABLE! Here are 5 ways in which we ensure your natural lashes are happy and healthy with our lashes on: #1 priority is clean isolation of each natural lash prior to applying the extension, cleaning your lashes at least once a day to ensure a thriving lash line, ensuring the proper weight is placed on each individual natural lash’s capacity, client education on how to care for and maintain lashes in between appointments, etc.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

As long as you keep paying for them! I'm kidding! This is by far the trickiest question to answer because there are literally 100s of factors that can affect someone's retention that neither of us have control over (ummm hi? Did you know humans go thru a major seasonal hair shedding twice a year? Yeah, we do!). So here's the lowdown on how long eyelash extensions last. The adhesive has a "cling life" if you will of about 6-8 weeks. Meaning the bonds of the adhesive will start to break down around that time frame where the glue becomes brittle and worn down. BUT our eyelashes have a growth cycle just like every other hair on our body and will shed out naturally (extension or not). SO you can expect to lose anywhere from 3-5 lashes a day if you're healthy and have no underlying health issues. So to keep your lashes looking full, I recommend coming in every 2.5 to 3 weeks to replace the lashes and/or extensions that have shed out and to put fresh new ones on. It's very similar to the frequency of acrylic nail fills. Your natural lashes grow, shed and grow a new one and that is happening constantly across your lash line.

Is the glue safe?

Would you let your children use super glue unsupervised? Likely not! This is why it's of utmost importance to ensure your lash artist is properly certified, licensed, and insured as we are using a very powerful adhesive to adhere the extensions to your natural lash. The main ingredients of our adhesive are very similar to that of super glue, which is why we never recommend the adhesive touch your skin. It should only be applied to the lash hair itself and only to the extension itself first, and then the extension with the adhesive can be applied to the hair. The adhesive we use from Borboleta is safe to use on the eye area as long as you are not contraindicated to receive eyelash extensions and have not had a previous reaction to eyelash extensions in the past. It is very rare for someone to become allergic to our adhesive, but it can happen and we recommend checking with your doctor if you've had a reaction to lashes in the past to identify exactly what ingredient you reacted to so we know whether you're a candidate for eyelash extensions.

What are eyelash extensions made of?

Here's a fun fact for ya! Eyelash extensions are made out of a synthetic fiber meant to mimic mink hair (yeah!!! You rock that faux fur look you foxy mink you!). The lashes are flexible, heat curled to maintain their curvature, and come in a variety of thicknesses, curls, lengths, diameters and even colors! Seriously, the sky's the limit with customization of your lash line to bring out your inner Beyonce in you! So now that you know a little bit about these tiny hairs that make a big difference to your overall confidence.

Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

Of course, but you won't need to! Here's the skinny on makeup and lashes. We absolutely want lashes to enhance what God gave ya and if that means you feel like a 10 with or without makeup, we're all for it! BUT if you plan on putting makeup anywhere near your extensions, then I need you to promise... no... PINKY SWEAR that you will use a lash safe cleanser to remove any lick of makeup off of your eyes to ensure you're getting the max retention you want out of these makeup saving game changers as possible. Deal? If you'd like to know more about the lash safe cleansers I recommend, hit me up.

How are eyelash extensions applied?

Eyelash extensions are an extremely detailed service for your artist! It requires the hands of a surgeon and the patience of a saint! Each individual natural lash is carefully isolated so that a single extension (or single volume fan) is applied without touching any other hair. Our extensions come in a variety of lengths, curls and diameters and we customize each set based on what your natural lash can safely handle. We use the tiniest dot of adhesive to ensure your lashes adhere properly, but that they don't feel painful.

How long does a full set session take?

10 HOURS... I'm KIDDING! Eyelash extensions are applied meticulously by hand and applied to a single natural lash and the average person has 150-200 natural lashes PER EYE! So it can take some time. On average our full set is around 2 hours, but that is typically a one time initial appointment. After the full set is applied, you'll come in for touch-up appointments every 2.5 to 3 weeks and those appointments usually only take an hour. It can totally seem like a lot of time out of your day to lay still, but at War Paint Beauty Bar we ensure total comfort and a pampering experience by providing you with a memory foam bed, bed warmer for colder months, aromatherapy, your choice of music or podcast played. And of course, we always encourage our clients to use their lash appointments to rest up and take a Lash Nap during their treatment.

Can I get my eyelashes wet?

You can be your very own little mermaid with lashes if you'd like! YES - you absolutely can get your eyelash extensions wet! Our adhesive is water resistant within a few minutes of application and waterproof within a few hours of application. So whether you need to shower up for that hot date or you're heading to the beach for a weekend away or you're guaranteed to cry at that wedding you're going to next week, your lashes will do just fine holding up to whatever water you've got coming near your fabulous fringe! We just ask that you cleanse their lashes regularly with a lash cleanser to rid any salt or chlorine off your lashes, and to stay away from other waterproof products on the lashes. It's a "Whole New World" with War Paint Beauty Bar lashes!

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

Heck to the no! Your eyelash extensions should NEVER hurt. In fact, they should be barely noticeable except for maybe when a heavy breeze rushes by you! If your eyelash extensions hurt, twist or cause you any discomfort, that is something you'll want to make your lash artist aware of right away as it is not normal! Lashes that hurt could be caused by lashes that are glued together. When this happens, when your natural lashes grow out at different rates, one lash will start to slowly and painfully pull out the other lash...yowza! It could be that the adhesive ya have come into contact with your skin and as your lash grows out, it's pulling on the skin until you rub it hard enough that the skin is released. It could be that you have a sensitivity to the adhesive or that the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes to support. All are reasons to contact your lash artist to find a solution because eyelash extensions SHOULD NEVER HURT!

What's the difference between Classic, Hybrid, or Volume eyelash extensions?

No - we don't glue a Prius to your eyes! Classic, Hybrid, and Volume are 3 different styles of application that lash artists can learn to get a desired result for their clients. Classic eyelash extensions are a single extension to a single natural lash. This application method can add length, curl and a mascara black look to your lash line. Volume eyelash extensions are anywhere from 2-6 thinner extensions put together, usually in a "fan" shape, on a single natural lash to achieve more fullness and density across your lash line. Hybrid eyelash extensions are the combination of classic lashes and volume lashes in one set, typically 50% of each style blended together. This can be a great way to add a little more fullness to a classic set or add in a textured or eyeliner look to your classic sets. Results can vary drastically based on each person's number of natural lashes and the length of those natural lashes as well as the client's desired results. We would love to talk you through which style would be the best fit for you based on what result you're looking for. Shoot us a Text to learn more about the application styles we offer and how we can make your eyes show stoppers!

Can I use baby shampoo to clean my eyelash extensions?

No. The PH level of baby shampoo is not designed for lash extensions and can affect retention. Instead, please use the lash wash and cleanser brush we give you at your lash appointment.

Can you swim in the ocean with eyelash extensions?

Absolutely. However, always remember to wash your lashes after your swim, as the salt water can affect retention. Moreover, salty water also is likely to irritate the eyes even if you aren't wearing extensions. As lash extensions take a longer to dry after your swim, wash them to avoid an unpleasant feeling.

Can I use micellar water to clean my eyelash extensions?

Technically, you could, but we do not recommend it. You will only get a good result with micellar water if the PH level is the same as lash extension foam cleansers, so it's not too oily. Therefore always read the ingredients list before using micellar water on your eyelash extensions. *We provide you with lash wash and a cleanser brush!

What the Heck is a Touch-up?

A Touch-up can be described as a fill or re-lash. Touch-up: aka Bringing your lashes back to full. We naturally shed 5 to 10 lashes per day. A Touch-up session is needed after your initial Full set to help you maintain lost lashes due from natural shedding, your skincare regimens, the elements, etc. You should schedule your Touch-up session right around the 2 to 3 week mark from your last session. We generally like to see you at your first Touch-up Session at the two week mark, this is to ensure we can get you back to full and go over any daily regimens or questions you may have about wearing lash extensions. We tend to give you a little bit of extra time on us so you can learn, ask questions, and understand all there is to know about your natural lash health and to help you take care of your investment properly.