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How to Prepare for Your Service



  • Please remove any mascara and come in with Clean lashes. Waterproof mascara can be tricky to get off so use makeup remover to get rid of all you can and then cleanse one more time with a gentle soap to remove any left over makeup remover.

  • Avoid moisturizing around your eye area before your appointment.

  • Easy on the perfume or no perfume before is best. Sometimes it can react to the glue adhering.

  • Wear whatever makes you comfortable, it's just you and your lash artist and you are in a safe judge-free space. This is your time to relax.

  • Please sign our COVID-19 RELEASE before your first visit.         


  • Allow 24 hours before getting your lashes wet. No steamy showers, hot tubs, sauna etc. 

  • Avoid activities that cause perspiration immediately after receiving new lashes try to wait 24hours if possible.

  • If you spray tan make sure you let your tan artist know you just received lashes and cover your eyes properly.

  • Cleaning your lashes is so important for your retention. Clean your lashes regularly to prevent oil and dirt build-up. Clean lashes are happy lashes! We carry lash cleanser and cleansing brushes! 

  • Use your lash wand provided to reset your lashes instead of using your hands or fingers; avoid rubbing and touching eyes as much as possible.

  • Change your pillowcase after every lash appointment! You're not only helping your skin, but saving your lashes as well!

  • Try to sleep on your back or either one of your sides instead of face planting into your bed. We can show you how to lay on your pillow if you're a side-sleeper.

  • If you Must wear mascara, use extension safe mascara. We carry it!



  • Your hair length for waxing should be about ¼ to ¾ inch long in order to wax. 

  • Please let us know if you are allergic to any skin ointments or taking certain medications such as isotretinoin or tretinoin (aka retinoic acid) during your consult with us.

  • No lotions or heavy creams on the area you want to wax the day of your appointment.

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing when you come in to your waxing appointment.

  • Stay out of extreme sunlight and avoid tanning 48 hours before your appointment. If you are already sunburned wait until your skin is healed before your waxing appointment.

  • No exfoliating 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment 

  • Please sign our COVID-19 RELEASE before your first visit.  


  • Try not to scratch the area that's been waxed. It can cause further irritation to the new skin. And, don’t touch the newly waxed area. It can transfer bacteria and clog pores.

  • Allow 24 to 48 hours before taking a hot shower, using a hot tub, or sauna.

  • Avoid activities that cause perspiration for 24 hours.

  • Use Sunscreen. 

  • Stay out of extreme sunlight and avoid tanning 48 hours after your appointment. If you spray tan inform your tanning artist of your waxed area/s prior to your spray tan.

  • You don't have to shave. Shaving in between your wax appointments can cause ingrown hairs and cause itching.

  • Keep up with your waxing appointments. The more often you remove hair from the root, the more likely the hair follicle becomes damaged. This causes the hair to thin; the thinner the hair, the less uncomfortable your waxing appointments will become. Bonus: As you establish a regular waxing routine, you may notice your skin staying hair-free for lengthier periods of time. The hair may stop growing altogether.