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Sophistication Collection

Full Set: 150 Min | $200

Touch-up: 60 Min | $65

Frida Khalo lived her life to the fullest in spite of her numerous disadvantages. She painted while in recovery from a severe bus collision injury, and learned to embrace her unique beauty. While she was recovering, she told her family that she often painted herself because she was most often alone, and was an expert on the subject. Through her experiences with adversity, she taught many to seek the classic beauty at the base of every situation.

Back by popular demand! Our Classic Lash Set is our Sophistication Collection, with this set of lashes, you'll experience a visual enhancement of your natural lashes. Classic lash extension is a 1 to 1 ratio, which means our holistic lash therapist will apply one extension to each of your natural lashes. The classic set is known for making lashes appear longer and darker, and removing the need for daily mascara application.

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Most Popular Set


History Makers Collection

Full Set: 165 Min | $225

Touch-up: 60 Min | $70

Mary Katherine Goddard was one half of the mother/daughter publishing company that produced the Providence Gazette and Country Journal in the early 1760s, the first publishing company in Providence, Rhode Island. This print shop was the first woman-run business in the Rhode Island colony; Mary worked as a printer, typesetter, and journalist. In this period, newspapers and other publications had remarkable influence over political happenings. Mary used her words and her business sense to make her voice heard when women had no say. Much like the effects of our Hybrid Lash Set. 


The Hybrid Lash Collection is a perfect mix between the Classic set and the Volume set. For many women, this option gives the thickness, texture, and depth of color that they want for added confidence and reduces the time it takes to hit the ground running each morning. With a 60/40 blend of volume and classic lashes, this service gives you the best of both worlds. Know your worth and flaunt it with these beautiful lashes.

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Fashion Tycoon Collection

Full Set: 195 Min | $250

Touch-up: 75 Min | $75

Tory Burch took the fashion world by storm in her creation of the Tory Burch retail line in 2004, she is a philanthropist and started the Tory Burch Foundation to help support women entrepreneurs. She has never let anyone talk her down from her vision, and doesn’t let the time and attention to her beauty dissuade her from giving it her all. She is loud, and proud, and making a difference. Her fashion and aesthetics are an investment in her brand just as much as the quality materials and ethical production. Her company has over 3200 storefronts. 


The Volume Lash Collection is a bold and deep lash service. It is safe for your natural lashes, and the perfect option if your lashline has gaps or your lashes are sparse. The effect is created by attaching a fan of very fine lash extensions to every natural lash. This look is often said to replace the need for some liner looks. Be bold and beautiful, embrace your inner fashion warrior. Build a strong brand while investing in your look.

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Nature's Warrior Collection

Organic Lift: 75 Min | $98

Natural Lift: 60 Min | $80

In defense of her tribe and the lands stolen from the Apache nation, Lozen took part in rescue efforts to reclaim Apache land and her people from the new settlers of the Black Mountains in New Mexico. Her brother, Victorio, the chief of the tribe, described her as “strong as a man, and braver than most, and cunning in strategy.” During these daring missions to help her people, she would protect the women and children of her tribe, helping them safely cross the Rio Grande to safer lands. Lozen was a heroic and inspiring woman who faced adversity and danger with courage and a warrior spirit. She embodied beauty and empowerment through her shamanic role as a protector of women and children.


The Lash Lift service we offer makes the most of your natural lashes by tinting their color deeper and curling them upward using a technique that lasts 6-8 weeks. Lozen chose the battles she felt she needed to fight for her land and her people. With Lash Lift and Tint, you can choose your battles, and keeping your lashes beautiful doesn’t have to be one of them. Strut your stuff and amaze those around you with your beautiful natural lashes.